Bill and Shawn, Seattle, WA

“It is not often that one is presented with the opportunity to learn about a foreign culture and meet new people without ever having to leave one’s home, but through the Ergon Student Exchange program,... Continue reading →

Edoardo, Mercer Island, Greater Seattle

“It is a once in a lifetime experience, it is super fun and you improve a lot from many perspectives. So many good things happen if you live it in a positive way, that I... Continue reading →

Andrea, Seattle

“You will understand the American culture and at the end you will endorse its values. Personally, I got very independent: in Italy I was not used to cleaning my clothes and my room and I... Continue reading →

Matt and Maylian, Eugene, OR

“So far, I think the match Luisa made is a huge success. Francesco is fitting in with our family very well. Francesco is a charming young man.  Impeccable manners, very nice personality.  He’s adjusting to our “odd”... Continue reading →

Cindy and Bruce, Sammamish, Greater Seattle, WA

“Luisa, we feel Pietro is a gift to our family. Our experience with our student, Pietro, has been outstanding. It could not be more perfect and we attribute that to you and your company! Ergon... Continue reading →

Federico, Portland

“Portland has been one of the biggest surprises at my arrival in the US. I travelled there before but I only saw what we would call the “stereotypical” type of american city, so as crowded and... Continue reading →

Deena and Ken, Portland, OR

“It is wonderful to know that Federico reports feeling at home here.  (We do check in with him often, but I know it might be hard for a teenager to tell a host parent if he is unhappy about... Continue reading →

Camilla, Mercer Island, Greater Seattle

“I couldn’t ask for a better family, it suited me perfectly! I tried to spend as much time as I could with them. I’ve been really treated like a daughter, and like a sister, from... Continue reading →

Nancy and David, Eugene, OR

“We are enjoying our hosting experience very much.  Carlo is easy to have around.  He’s a confident, happy, helpful kid.  He is polite and tries his best in school and LOVES playing football. We have... Continue reading →

Carlo, Eugene

“I always believed in this experience, I knew it would have been wonderful and unforgettable, but I was also ready to challenge myself and overcome some difficulties that I would have faced in a new... Continue reading →