Kelsey and Tivon from Eugene invited to Italy by Pietro’s family

“A few weeks after our exchange student left, my daughter flew to Milan to go live with him and his family for two weeks.  This was an amazing and life changing experience for her!   She was very happy to see her exchange brother again, and his family was so kind and generous in hosting her.  She had a wonderful time with his family, and she was able to go to beautiful places and eat incredible food and have a more authentic Italian experience being with them than is possible as a tourist.

At the end of my daughter’s stay, my husband, son and I all flew to Milan to meet her.  Our exchange student and his family greeted us very warmly, showed us around Milan and made us a wonderful dinner.  We were also greeted by other friends in Milan from the exchange program.  It was so wonderful to go to Italy and have a sense of “family” there.  Luisa even gave us great recommendations of places to go and things to do for our trip.  We then spent a fantastic family vacation travelling throughout Italy.”


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