Charlotte from Seattle invited to Italy by Ginevra’s family

“Spending a year in Seattle was amazing, an experience that I can hardly describe with worlds but hosting my sister Charlotte for three weeks last summer in Italy was even more exciting. For the first time in one year I was the one who was bringing her around. I was in charge of her and I was overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to show her. Showing her the differences between these two countries made her understand how I felt at the beginning of my experience in America. We had so much fun during her stay in Italy, we visited a lot, from the seaside to the mountain, with my friends as well and it turned up being great. Seeing the curiosity and the amazement in her face almost brought me back to my first weeks in Settle! I would definitely say that having her in Italy enriched my whole experience.”


“When me and my family agreed to host an exchange student from Italy I would have never thought how enriching this experience could be. After nine months we lived together in Seattle, visiting her in Italy last summer was a dream coming true. She has always described Europe as a really different country from America but only going there made me fully understand it. I really loved Italy, it is an amazing place, full of history and interesting things, that Ginevra showed and explained me, but at the same time a really lively and fun place to visit. It was definitely one of the best trips of my life and I look forward to go back again!”


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