Carlo, Eugene

“I always believed in this experience, I knew it would have been wonderful and unforgettable, but I was also ready to challenge myself and overcome some difficulties that I would have faced in a new country with a new family. I was lucky, my family was welcoming and I spent beautiful months, vacations in Oregon’s amazing nature, I camped under the stars in wonderful places in Eugene.

I did a lot of sport. In the American school you do a lot of sports and this helps making friends. I met really cool guys I spent most of the day with, and they were really easy. I was very pleased, day after day, realizing that I was good at inserting in a new “world” and I had many people who were close to me and helped me and I began to be part of their lives.

The experience I had was wonderful, I recommend it to everyone and advice to live it intensely because it passes quickly, but stays with you forever. I came back more mature, you realize you have overcome, almost by yourself, some important challenges.”


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