Francesca, Seattle

“My host family was fantastic, they helped me a lot. I don’t know what I would have done without them. At the beginning staying with a different family is hard and you have to adapt to their habits, but after a while everything seems so easy.

The relationship that you build with your host brother or sister is something unexplainable, it’s something special, new and gorgeous.
It’s fantastic how you can see a new way of living and a new culture, totally different from yours. People there eat different things, say weird jokes and wear fancy clothes.
After having seen all these different things you see your life under a new perspective. Now I’m more self-confident and independent. I know I can go to the other side on the world and face all the problems by myself, without asking for help.

The first thing I have to say is that high school in the US is way different from ours. Teachers are friendlier and always available if you need help. I’m not saying that our teachers are not willing to, but it seems that US teachers are there only for you.

There you can choose which subject you want to study, I really liked that and I chose a lot of arts classes because in Italy we don’t have that many.
At school you get to know a lot of people and you make tons of friends, it’s amazing how people are fascinated by the fact that you are Italian!”


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