Monica, Portland

“Portland is awesome! It’s a big city full of green areas, trials and parks. There are trees and flowers everywhere, in the downtown, too, this makes it special. The outskirts are typical American: flat houses with their garden , backyard and their inevitable postbox!

My school, Lincoln High School is located in the centre of Portland. It’s a really strategic position: you can walk around the downtown after school or having lunch at Starbucks or at Bellagio’s Pizza.
The school is totally different here. You feel free to do what you want when you want: studying in the library, having a snack in the cafeteria or walking out of the school if you have a free period, as well.
There’s an incredible school spirit! People love Lincoln HS, they cheer at the football games, wearing Lincoln’s T-shirts and painting their faces! Every member of the school joins the assemblies and the meetings: teachers, students, principals, employers, janitors…

There’s a different relationship between students and adults. Mutual respect and regard are the key-words.During class, you can’t get bored. Classmates usually work in small groups or couples, for example to solve a math problem, discuss about an English statement or write a Spanish essay.
The school is not stressful, if you fail an exam, you can retake it. Teachers are always available to explain you again, especially when they notice your interest and will. They are so patient with the exchange students! Most of them love when foreign people join their class.

The classes are so many! Every student’s personality can be satisfied! Ceramics and Drama, Arabic and Chinese, Math, Biology, Robotics, Computer Science… and lots of clubs, too, to find your passion: Aviation club, Fashion club… Belly Dance club!
My passion is running, that’s why I decided to join the Cross-Country team. I met incredible coaches who can how energizing you before racing. They give you a goal and you do your best to achieve the top! I also made a lot of friends, who share my same interest and say me “Good job!” at the end of a hard work out.

The beginning of my year abroad is not easy. I started to understand soon, but it’s always difficult expressing my ideas and thoughts. Homework take a lot of time. Sometimes I feel incapable and there’s nothing I can do, just using my dictionary! Socializing is a little bit easier now, but joining a conversation is hard, especially among a large group of friends.
There are some moments of discouragement, but I don’t want to leave this life at all. My family supports me, helps me in choices, shares experiences and we spend time together.
I love my new life!”


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