Ginevra, Seattle

“I have been really lucky to be hosted by an amazing family as mine is. From the beginning they had always tried to make me feel part of their family, introducing me to all their friends, bringing me on great trips with them and always treating me as a daughter/sister. I’m so blessed to have spent one year with them, because from now they will forever be my second family.

This year has been the most meaningful of my entire life. I saw and tried things that I would never have expected to do and it totally worth it. If they ask me again to be an exchange student my answer would surely be YES!

Nathan Hale is a great school. The building was recently remodeled, so the school looks new and clean. Nathan Hale offers the students the possibility to do a lot of sports, a healthy way to be involved in a community and to make new friends.  The teachers are really helpful towards the students, they are understanding and they try to help them instead of putting them down. Students are really spirited and easy to be friends with.”


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