Pietro, Sammamish, Greater Seattle

“Unbelievable. That’s the word to describe this experience that I went through.
I approached this experience with enthusiasm and willingness to know another country. I had no homesick or moments of sadness both due to my personality and for the great job that Luisa Rigobon did: she matched me with an awesome, kind and fantastic family where I found the best for me.

This year changes completely your mind, your thoughts and makes you become a true open minded person. I really enjoyed this experience; every second of the past year I went through was time to discover, know, apprehend new things. I will never be thankful enough for this. Thank you Luisa, thank you Cindy, Bruce and Freddy, thank you Rainy City (Seattle).

Life is tough during the first months, you have no friends, you don’t know where you are. But this is also the “fun” part of the experience: to create a new life, to find new friends. School is completely different from ours, it’s more practice and less theoretic knowledge. Sport, in America, is something special: you feel the pressure of representing your school, everyone is watching you, you want to win for the school. The advice i might give you is: be out-going, be your-self, don’t be close minded, enjoy your new life!”


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