Bianca, Seattle

“Everything that this experience gave me has been positive. I feel more mature, more conscious of what I can  or I cannot do and I finally realized what are really important things in my life. Now I can say that I have a wonderful life in the opposite part of the world, a happy life, a life full of people that love me and that I’ll never forget. This has been for sure the best experience of my life.

I’ve been so lucky to be assigned to such a great family with whom I totally got along and I never had to argue with. Obviously my American family is different from the Italian one and so are their habits, for example they give a lot of importance to have dinner all together for more than 1 hour, thing that I’m not used to with my family in Italy. The relationship with a host parents is like a friend relationship more than a child-parents one, so it’s much easier to get along and to share with them your awesome experience.

The relationship between students and teachers in America is awesome! All the teachers are young and nice. They treat you as a friend and their way to teach is much more practical than Italian teachers. The biggest difference, though, is that in Italy the good teacher is the one that gives low grades and that intimidates his students; in America the good teacher is the one that makes his students interested also in the most boring class.”


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