Francesca, Bothell, Greater Seattle

“Before I arrived, I was really scared and I had a lot of questions, I’d seen the family’s profile and chatted with them, but what if it wasn’t how I was expecting? And I was right. It was way more better. Since the first day I met my family I felt I could build a strong relationship with all of them. Calli is the sister I always wanted and we have a great time together, we share a lot of interests! Lonnie and Nancy, my parents, really take care of me and make me feel as a family member. Calli’s friends too are the nicest girls and since the first moment they greatly welcomed me as one of the group. I also decided to join the Cross Country team of the school, spending time with them I discovered how much I love running and -most important- a group of fantastic friends.

The school here is very different and at first I was a bit disoriented but then I got used to it. I’m really enjoying my classes, which are interesting and stimulant, and the teacher are really kind and helpful whenever I get lost with the lesson. Also my classmates are friendly and even if maybe took a while more to get to know them, I’m having a good time with them. I love the spirit which characterizes the school, it’s impressive to see how all the students dress up in crazy clothes to support their football team!

I’ve just been here for a month and I feel completely at ease. I already have done so many things! My birthday was amazing, the girls took me to downtown Seattle and we had there an awesome day. We are going to different concerts, luckily Calli and I love the same kind of music! I never get bored, there are always new things to do and new people to meet.
One thing that really impressed me is how everyone here is so kind and friendly, I immediately felt accepted.
I’m having a great time! I’m so happy I ended up with this family and this school, every day I feel luckier!”


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