Nancy and David, Eugene, OR

ergon-Carlo-and-his-family-hiking“We are enjoying our hosting experience very much.  Carlo is easy to have around.  He’s a confident, happy, helpful kid.  He is polite and tries his best in school and LOVES playing football.

We have enjoyed taking him rafting, camping, kayaking, hiking, and soon skiing. He is game for any adventure, which is really great.

Carlo and Helen are very close. They have three classes together and complete homework assignments together.  They have gotten into minor trouble together, and solved it together–just like brother and sister would. Pearl and Carlo are not as close, but have a comfortable relationship. I imagine that he is learning about strong-willed American girls.

Yes, it is a sad day. We are driving to Portland Airport currently. I sooth myself by reminding myself that he is returning to his very loving family.”


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