Matt and Maylian, Eugene, OR

“So far, I think the match Luisa made is a huge success. Francesco is fitting in with our family very well. Francesco is a charming young man.  Impeccable manners, very nice personality.  He’s adjusting to our “odd” family sense of humor, and beginning to make his own jokes and puns, quite an achievement for somebody for whom English is a second language.  It’s incredible how much this skinny boy can eat!  He is half the size of Alex but can challenge him for eating supremacy in our family!

We have already exposed him to high school and collegiate football, and of course he’s playing water polo and seems to be enjoying it.  I am already impressed with his tenacity:  he has not missed a single water polo practice despite it being a challenging schedule.  We are looking forward to seeing his first competition this week.  I think Francesco likes it here.  He is quickly becoming a part of our family.”


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