Cindy and Bruce, Sammamish, Greater Seattle, WA

ergon-Pietro-and-the-Jarvis-family“Luisa, we feel Pietro is a gift to our family. Our experience with our student, Pietro, has been outstanding. It could not be more perfect and we attribute that to you and your company!
Ergon is the only company that I know of that matches students. Most times in hosting an exchange student you basically get what you get and this was too much of a risk for us.

I think Freddy is doing just fine with Pietro. His crown has definitely been lifted….he is not at all used to sharing mom and dad. We think it is very good for him to sort thru though. Pietro is very kind to Freddy. I don’t know how it could be more perfect. The school district is doing and article on him in a local paper called “Issaquah Press” and we will scan and send. He is very popular in school not only with the girls but the guys too!

We are in love with Pietro and will always have him our hearts! He is a very special person.
Pietro will always be in our lives. He is a straight A student, athlete, great sense of humor and a very loving boy! We are so lucky.”


“As we look back on our great adventure, we see so many ways in which our family grew, learned and just got better! It was all due to this wonderful young man who came into our family and changed us forever. Our understanding of life expanded, and we are just seeing so many ways we are better off for having your son become our son for nine months. Just a couple of examples: Freddy sets his alarm and gets up on his own every morning because he observed Pietro’s self-reliance every morning; Pietro’s aura and huge circle of friends and acquaintances count us among their buddies now as we see them at stores, gyms, games, etc.; Freddy is this year exclusively taking honors classes and expects to do well because since Pietro could, of course, Freddy now expects he can too.”


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