Deena and Ken, Portland, OR

“It is wonderful to know that Federico reports feeling at home here.  (We do check in with him often, but I know it might be hard for a teenager to tell a host parent if he is unhappy about something.)  We, too, are feeling very positively about his placement in our home.  He is a TERRIFIC kid — polite, kind, friendly, respectful, helpful, smart and funny.  Kyle is really enjoying having a brother, and they have a lot in common.  Kira also gets along very well with him.

Lincoln HS water polo team tied for first place in the Metro league…and will be playing at the State Tournament on November 9th and 10th.  Federico has been an integral part of the team’s success.  He is a very strong player, and the coaches and other parents have repeatedly thanked us for hosting him! All of us are learning about water polo and having fun watching Federico play.

We really are extremely pleased with our exchange experience thus far, and thank you for placing such a fantastic young man in our home.  He is absolutely delightful, and I have no doubt that we are developing that lifelong relationship that your agency hopes students and host families will experience. ”


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