Cynthia and Michael, Seattle, WA

“Bianca has truly made the most of her experience here. She, on her own, made all of the connections and friendships with her classmates and teachers. Her independence and confidence are exceptional and will carry her forward successfully into the future.

We literally didn’t have one single incident of trouble or concern with Bianca. She was given a great deal of freedom here and she handled it with maturity and responsibility, far beyond her years. Her teachers and coaches had only the highest opinions of her dedication and  strong work ethic. Bianca is special.

Last weekend, Bianca sent me the sweetest text:

«All my exchange student friends are continuing saying how bad their host family are. That their host parents don’t speak a lot with them and that they don’t make them feel comfortable. I can’t stop thinking how lucky I am to stay with you and Michael. You make me feel completely at home. Thank you so much for letting me have the best experience of my life.»”


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