Zeila and Gianni, Seattle, WA

“We wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Angelica. She is such an interesting girl and has fit so well into our family. She became friends with Sofia immediately and has added a new dynamic to our household.

School started this week and Angie is thrilled with Roosevelt. She seems pleased with all of her classes and gives us a full report each day. She is very cooperative at home and gladly helps with the chores. I think this will be a great semester!

Last night, Angelica performed in her first English-language theater piece and we were all very impressed with her acting ability.

Angelica and Sofia have different sets of friends, but they continue to enjoy spending time together at home and school. Schoolwork is becoming very difficult and demanding for both of them, so there is little time to have fun. Still Angelica has many friends and enjoys spending time with our family. We are continually amazed at how bright and energetic she is.

It has been very nice for Sofia to have a big sister for a while. Angelica and Sofia are very different – Sofia likes to have time where she can be quiet and alone sometimes, and Angelica always likes to have an activity, but they have become very close.

Yesterday, they came home from school together and spent a long time together talking and laughing. I enjoyed hearing them, and Zeila and I will miss having those sounds in our house after Angelica leaves.

Angelica is a very smart young woman, and she has a heart of fire. I have enjoyed talking with her about Italy, America, politics and art.

I know that it has been hard for her to change for the rules of our home. Our rules have always been there to make sure she is safe, especially in an unfamiliar city. But Angelica has been very good about following them without much complaint. She has always been respectful and considerate. And we have also learned to give her more freedom as she has become more comfortable with Seattle and the friends she has made here.

We have come to love Angelica as if she were our own daughter. It has been a wonderful experience for us all and one that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

Our home will not be the same without her, but she knows that she is always welcome back.”


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