Ann and David, Seattle, WA

“Luisa, you do an excellent job choosing the kids and matching them with families. Having the same person interview all the kids and all the families before matching them up is a personal touch which  is unlike any other exchange program i am aware of. In our case it has worked phenomenally.

Carlotta is delightful and we all love her already. She is outgoing and is becoming already quite involved with a nice group of friends. She is very helpful in cleaning up and has made us wonderful pizza twice.

Carlotta has become a treasured member of our family. She is like a sister to my daughter and son, whom they get along with and really never fight with. She is polite, sociable, helpful, and funny. As an example of her thoughtfulness, she is teaching Gabriel how to make his own pasta for an afternoon snack. On Jan 6, she left new socks filled with candy for each of us, brought by “La Befana”.

It will be hard to let her go. I don’t doubt that we will be maintaining contact long after she leaves us.”


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