Federico, Portland

“Portland has been one of the biggest surprises at my arrival in the US. I travelled there before but I only saw what we would call the “stereotypical” type of american city, so as crowded and noisy. It couldn’t be more different.

Portland is a green and friendly town, people are kind and open, the traffic isn’t crazy and there are many parks, sport fields and recreation sites, where is easy and fun to meet up with friends and hang out. There are always many possibilities if you are looking for concerts or festivities and any other kind of ways to spend your free time.

Also the food isn’t as bad as you might expect cause there is a very large selection of ethnic food with many good Italian restaurants.

In the city my school had an amazing location, right next to the Timbers stadium the Lincoln High school was close to both my hose and the city center so it was easy for me to reach any of the two destinations.

The school was one of the best parts of my experience because I wasn’t used to such things as eligible classes, spirit weeks or school teams. It made me feel like I was part of a big family and it was fun to be there.

Part of my contribute to this family was playing in the waterpolo team. The team gave me a lot in terms of friendship and fun time.
I loved to be a Cardinal and have a chance to use my abilities to improve the school’s prestige.
I succeeded. The 2012-2013 ‘s waterpolo season was the best ever for Lincoln with our third position in the State of Oregon.

My time in Portland has been so happy also thanks to my host family that hosted me during the year. They have been incredibly kind and welcoming with me during the all year and I will never be able to thank them enough for that.

It was really nice to have my brother Kyle here in Italy for two weeks this summer. It was a chance for me to give something back and also to show him how different life is here.”


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