Catia and Tim, Eugene, OR

ergon-Pietro-and-his-host-family-2“Dear Luisa,
We want to thank you so much for the wonderful experience of being a host family this year.

Our student was very well matched for our family and we all really got along great.  He developed an instant big brother role with my son, and was a great friend to my daughter.  He enjoyed talking politics and international issues with my husband and sharing cooking secrets and talking about Italian daily life with me.  He contributed so much to our family life, and in some ways he helped bring out the best in our family: we noticed that we paid more attention to eating family meals together and to spending more quality family time with all of the kids.  He seemed to really enjoy the challenge of living with a new family and going to school in the United States.  He was open for all new experiences and we took him many fun places to show him not only American culture, but also our beautiful state of Oregon.

Our experience with Ergon Exchange Program was just wonderful.  We were able to meet with Luisa before, during, and after the exchange.  She made sure that we had all of our questions answered and that we knew the other exchange families in the program.  The local coordinator working with Luisa was also very accessible and available to answer all of our questions.

The best part of the experience was the day-to-day life with our student.  He was outgoing, warm and sociable, and he fit so well into our family.  Doing an exchange like this has always been a dream of ours, and I so appreciate all of the hard work that Luisa puts into making sure that the family and student are a good match. Thank you!”


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