Focus on matching of student and family profiles

A careful and accurate matching of student-family is undoubtedly a key factor assuring success of the experience on both sides. That is why we focus on this phase of the process with a special care.

Based on the student and family profile, on the report of our counselor and local coordinators, and on the personal knowledge of both students and families by Ergon director, we do our best to identify the student who best fits each family and then we recommend that student to the host family.

So far our matching process has worked very effectively. Students and families feel integrated and enriched, by sharing interests, life styles, and cultures.


As our host mothers say:

Luisa, you do an excellent job choosing the kids and matching them with families. Having the same person interview all the kids and all the families before matching them up is a personal touch which  is unlike any other exchange program i am aware of. In our case it has worked phenomenally.”
Ann, Seattle

“Luisa, we feel Pietro is a gift to our family. Our experience with our student, Pietro, has been outstanding. It could not be more perfect and we attribute that to you and your company!
Ergon is the only company that I know of that matches students. Most times in hosting an exchange student you basically get what you get and this was too much of a risk for us”.
Carol, Seattle

Our host families testimonials