Full assistance

Full assistance at every stage of the exchange experience 

Sculpture-park,-fontanaBy Ergon in Milan:

  • First informative meeting
  • Contact with former exchange students
  • Selective admission tests
  • Matching of student and family profiles
  • Full assistance during the application process
  • Information on Washington and Ergon requirements for immunizations
  • Power of attorney and medical release by notary office
  • Assistance in applying for student visa
  • Assistance in preliminary course selection
  • Student orientation before departure for U.S.
  • Liaison with natural and host families during the semester/year
  • Regular contact with students during the exchange experience
  • Debriefing of students upon completion of the exchange


By Ergon in the US:

  • Careful screening of high schools
  • Searching and selecting host families, through visits by Ergon representative and program founder and director
  • Organizing a meeting in May/June between past and future host families to share experiences
  • Managing any possible issues that may arise


By our American partner:

  • Approving host families pre-screened by Ergon
  • Arranging for local school enrollment
  • Providing host family orientation prior to student’s arrival
  • Providing student orientation upon arrival
  • Regular monitoring of student experience and ongoing support from local representative
  • Providing health and accident insurance
  • Providing DS 2019 form for J1 visa request
  • Releasing certificate of attendance


E-mail us for more detailed information: contact@ergon-se.org