Invitation for the American sibling


A True Cross-Cultural Experience

All our Italian families commit to invite the host sibling for a vacation in Italy during the summer following the exchange (about 2-3 weeks). The American sibling has the opportunity of a direct exposure to Italy’s culture and love for life and food.

In order to promote this experience, Ergon contributes $ 1,000 towards the flight to Italy. All vacation costs are covered by the Italian family, except for personal expenses.

As one of our host mothers said: “A few weeks after our exchange student left, my daughter  flew to Milan to go live with him and his family for two weeks.  This was an amazing and life changing experience for her!   She was very happy to see her exchange brother again, and his family was so kind and generous in hosting her…” Catia, Eugene (continue reading)

As a host sibling wrote: “When me and my family agreed to host an exchange student from Italy I would have never thought how enriching this experience could be. After nine months we lived together in Seattle, visiting her in Italy last summer was a dream coming true…” Charlotte, Seattle (continue reading)

Vacation in Italy