Mutual expectations

Host Families

By accepting to host a 16-17 year old English-speaking Italian student into their homes for a school semester or year, host families are expected to welcome the student as a member of the family, provide sleeping accommodation, adequate room for quiet study and all meals in the home.


ergon-EdoardoBesides following the rules of the exchange program regarding their life at school and their general behaviour, students are expected to understand and accept a different way of life, participate actively in the host family activities, offer help in chores, communicate openly and respectfully, and, in general, follow host family rules.

All students are fully covered by the program health insurance. Any medical expenditures not covered by insurance will be paid by the Italian student’s family.

Students come with pocket money for all expenses. Meals away from home, lunches bought at school, school and sport fees, recreation activities, snacks and all other student expenditures are the responsibility of the student.

Students must pay for all vacation expenses. The host family should ask Italian parents’ agreement before a vacation that involves high costs like flight or hotel.