Why host an Ergon student

An incredibly enriching experience

After their exchange in the US all our students are aware that the experience of a different culture and lifestyle has changed them deeply. They feel grown up, more mature and with a greater openness of mind.

Host families have an incredibly enriching and fun experience and learn from a new perspective. Besides the exposure to Italian culture, hosting an exchange student provides the opportunity to experience things so far taken for granted in a whole new way.

 Our host families testimonials

A real taste of Italian culture and life

The Italian family will in turn invite the host sibling during summer vacations at the end of the exchange.

Past host families have loved the experience, many travelling to Italy to meet their exchange student’s family and get an intimate view of life in Italy. Their children spend great vacations at the student’s home and establish lasting friendships.

As one host family says, “Marco became a second son in our family, and a brother to our two children. He taught them how to make real macaroni and cheese, and they taught him about teriyaki! They shared many laughs together and when we went to Italy, we were treated to experiences we would never had access to otherwise…We learned more about living in Italy this way than we ever could have otherwise.”

Vacations in Italy